AV Pro Designs

As an engineer with thirty + years of progressive and responsible engineering dedication, including a 1994 Bachelors degree and a 2003 Masters Degree graduate from California State University of Fresno in Industrial Technology, here is a brief history of Arthur Villarreal's, AKA, AV Pro Design's past and present engineering design experience, and adventures.

In 1979, AV completed a heavy equipment mechanic program from Fresno Technical College, where he learned the mechanical applications of diesel and gasoline vehicles. AV worked for major truck companies as a mechanic, applying his mechanical skill working on Cummins, Caterpillar, and Detroit diesel engines. In 1983, he joined the U.S. Naval Construction Battalion Reserves, (Seabees) and has since retired in 2003 as a Construction Mechanic First Class. In the Seabees, he gained management experience as a Senior Military Instructor, Training Coordinator, Operations Officer, Leading Petty Officer, and Officer-in-Charge.

From 1984 to 1992, AV worked for the Vendo Company, a Fresno CA major manufacturing company of soft drink vending machines. As a punch press operator, he completed a Journeyman Training Program in punch press, brake press, and punch press turret set-up and operation. At the journeyman level, AV continued to pursue his Bachelors degree.

From 1987 to 1993, AV formed Art's Studio Signs and designed business signs for businesses within the Fresno community. They ranged from small sidewalk signs to large wall signs, and sandblasted to air brush signs.

In 1993, AV joined Buckner Inc., a sprinkler manufacturer located in Fresno CA, and worked as a draftsman. He was later, in 1994, promoted to associate engineer, where he worked primarily as a sustaining engineer repairing problems associated with valves and sprinklers, using AutoCAD. In May of 1995, AV was promoted to R & D engineer, and learned to use Pro Engineer, a 3D solid modeler, while being responsible for the stainless steel sprinkler controller enclosures. He designed the company’s first plastic controller, and then, plastic controller family. In his other related projects, AV redesigned the stainless steel controller family, and worked for Buckner until 1998.

During 1998, the controller technology from Buckner was purchased by Hunter Industries, the world’s third largest sprinkler manufacturer. AV was employed by Hunter as a product development engineer, and was responsible for the design and development of the company’s first large turf plastic golf pedestal enclosure, including a major family of plastic injection mold interchanging parts. AV designed Hunter’s Golf stainless steel controller family, and engineered for Hunter until 2002.

In 2002, AV taught product development engineering, conceptual physics, and the principles of technology at the Center for Advanced Research and Technology (CART) in Clovis CA, on a full time basis. As a teacher, he instructed students how to work in teams, to determine the type of product they were to design, and develop the product. Students were taught how to use sheet metal, wood, and plastic tools and equipment to develop each prototype. They simulated forming a company, with logo, vision, and mission, setting up an organizational structure. They utilized Solidworks, drawing the product concept in 3D. AV taught two years at CART.

In 2004 - 2014, AV worked as a Corporate Design Engineer for a leading drainage manufacturing company, NDS, located in Lindsay CA. He has received patents from his plastic injection mold products, used Solidworks 3D solid modeling, along with Cosmos FEA, and Moldfow Analyis software for product design and evaluation. While working within the constraints of NSF, IAPMO, and ASTM standards, he spent 1 1/4 years traveling to and from Texas in an effort to make the NDS products at the Texas facility more effective and efficient. AV primarily sustain engineered pool and spa checkvalve type products, by conducting water burst, air and water leak testing, and modifying product designs, along with spin weld and sonic weld designs to improve product performance. In 2013, AV received the NDS President's Achievement Award, in recognition of his significant contributions as a member of Team KBI relocation and start-up while exemplyfying the NDS core values.

In 2004 - Present, AV formed the company “AV Pro Designs,” and is the principle designer for all projects at AV Pro Designs. One major patented product design is the laptop workstation "Lugabout". Besides the serious engineering side of the AV spectrum, the design addition allowed the company to add silk screen printing to enhance the artistic side of AV. "Cool Pics" and "Finkabilly" are the primary hot rod and motorcycle cartoon concepts that he designs and screens.

In 2010, AV, along with James Argenbright, formed Blunt Force Drama, a classic rock - cover band. Although James is no longer with the band, the group consists of 5 members, and has been together since 2011, and regularly performs in the Fresno area.

In 2015 - 2020, AV, formed a Christian Rock - cover band that regulary played at Celebrate Recovery and the Visalia Rescue Mission. Although the band is not currently together, a new Christian band, "Metanoia," is in the making.

In 2018 - present, AV formed the Lord's Temple MM, a Christian motorcycle ministry group that serves throughout the California central valley.

Most of the AV engineering will now be focused on motorcycles; rebuilding, customizing, and painting.